Simple Things

Simple Things is serving up a delightful Bondi meal-deal, an audibly delectable rendition of the 'Surf, Turf and Tech'. Plucked straight out of the North Bondi kiddy pool, our Chefs serve Sunday's meal-deal lightly seared yet heavily seasoned with a spicy, spicy track selection; collected throughout years of gallivanting around dance-floor's, dining tables and discos. Slapped on the rotisserie in the afternoon and rotated well through the night, constantly basted with a secret 'house' sauce to be ultimately served smack bang into your curious eardrums. Delicioso.


Bucket list Bondi Pavilion renovations

The Bondi Pavilion renovations have finally commenced! Congratulations Waverley Council!

The Bucket List has now closed. In the meantime the Bucket team members have joined forces with the Bondi Beach Public Bar to make the Public Bar the new spiritual home of Bondi (yes, including captain Andy!).

We want to see all of your beautiful faces at Bondi Beach Public Bar!

For all upcoming event and booking enquiries please contact Sarah at the Bondi Beach Public Bar

We have had an amazing 9 years. It's now time for us to go surfing and for our beloved Pavilion to get some much needed love and attention.

The Bucket List Family